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proud to be the best in Korea
for capillary blood vessel improvement.

We have been studying capillaries for more than a decade,
and we are dealing with medical devices and health functional foods.

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The human body is a moving animal that produces energy through metabolism. The human body can become healthy if it can maintain metabolism through health functional foods that produce cells and blood. Health functional foods consisting of about 40 essential components required by cells are difficult to find in Korea.

In particular, there are nine ingredients, vitamin A (eye health), vitamin B (energy metabolism), vitamin E (amino acid metabolism), niacin (body energy production), vitamin C (connective tissue formation), vitamin E (cell protection from harmful oxygen) , Folic acid (development of fetal neural tube), vitamin B12 (necessary for folate metabolism), copper (iron transport) and other taurine, grape seed extract, horseradish extract, ginger extract, coenzyme Q10, selenium, lactic acid fermented garlic extract Branch components are also well known human beneficial ingredients.

To be healthy, we strongly recommend one of our Health functional foods for cell and blood production.

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