Sehan will find you a perfect product for you.

Many users experience a difficulty to find a suitable tools for their working environment.
If you find a proper electric screwdriver which fits to your complicated work place, the quality of your product will be higher and better.
Please check on the boxes below for what you are looking for so that save your valuable time.

For the durability of electric device, we recommend that required torque and speed be under than 80% of each max values.

Check List

  • Torque Range
  • Enough torque is essential to fasten the object impregnably.
  • Torque(kgf-cm)
  • Start Type
  • Screw Count Monitoring Screw Count Monitoring
  • Bit Type
  • The picture is the part that is mounted on the bit socket of the electric driver.
  • Data Management
  • Select when you need to collect or manage fastening data.
  • Accessories
  • Screw Count Monitoring Screw Count Monitoring
    • Torque tester for screw driver
    • Number of fastened screw display
    • Interface converter for KT-38D
    • Interface converter for ET-40D
    • Helps to avoid random changes of torque
    • Real-time torque display
    • Interface box for sensor, tower lamp
    • Pistol grip for side fastening