CEO greeting

Advance to global success! ITLwill help you..


Thank you for finding our global marketing platform.

This platform works with K-productmall, an online shopping mall operated by us to help small and medium businesses enter the global market, from market research to product and technology sales.

ITL is helping you succeed overseas through our own network of internal staff and foreign marketing experts.

In addition to the export of products by small and medium enterprises, ITL provides technical export / technical alliance, support for attracting transferinvestment, support for overseas startups and employment for the youth and middle age, and multilingual translation services.

In addition, we support pole miracle consulting (overseas expansion, management strategy, BM establishment, marketing strategy, start-up), research and market research (business and public office), etc.

Join us for the first step into the global journey.

The company, Eitiel, promises to do its best as a partner for small and midsize companies ' overseas expansion and globalization.

Thank you.

CEO Hwang Cha-dong