2 none

Non-synthetic coloring material
Trans fats

Internal heat

With 50 ° internal heatable container developed for export use, no shipping damage, no product damage


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified facility system operation and production of hygienic confectionery by subscription of product liability insurance

Food that people eat! Clean!
With the slogan of delicious imagination · fun sweets, people who eat to offer satellite sweets to everyone in the world are constantly eating at the phrase “cleanly” in my heart, good sweets with a heart, I do my best to make new sweets.


When exposed to high temperature and high humidity or direct sunlight for a long time, contents may melt or the volume may shrink, but please do not worry as it is not deteriorated.

After opening, we recommend that you eat as soon as possible before degrading.

Please be sure to avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

How to apply

Cotton candy candy

Cotton candy flavor, authentic topped with cotton candy new drink! Made to drink at once the fun and eating mole of cotton candy fun in the lead of the Clouds!

Fluffy cotton ame gum

Release! The combined products domestic first cotton candy and gum
cotton candy Once you bite taken out the cotton candy, which is in the cup will be the gum in the mouth!

Yogosom Som

Aromatic scan Moody and drinks suited to everyone of your mouth in a fit of sweet cotton candy!
Yogosomusomu you want to eat your favorite to young and old of all people!


Robocapoli cotton candy
Robocapoli cotton candy

Strawberry incense, grape aroma, organic

Rubber cotton candy
Rubber cotton candy

Butter incense, banana incense

Bob Miki cotton candy
Bob Miki cotton candy

Organic Honey incense, Honey butter incense

Banis cotton candy
Banis cotton candy

Strawberry incense, grape aroma, organic

Robo Train Drink
Robo Train Drink

Apple, carrot, pear / grape / apple / strawberry

Robo Train Drink
Robo Train Drink

Grape Blueberry Acai Berry / Pineapple Mandarin / Mandarin orange / Mandarin orange



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