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Introducing H2CAP

Experience the REAL hydrogen water. This tiny hydrogen water generator converts any bottled water into hydrogen-rich water in the shortest time ever. Meet H2CAP, the smallest, lightest and strongest hydrogen water generator in the world.

  • PPB: 1,000 ~ 1,500
  • ORP: -400mV ~ -800mV


DH is a measurement for the amount of Dissolved Hydrogen molecules in water.

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water, the most powerful "anti-oxidant"

Hydrogen water has abundant “active hydrogen(H2)” which is the lightest and most unstable element in the universe. Hydrogen water that has abundant active hydrogen(H2) with more than 1,000 PPB, works as a powerful ANTI-OXIDANT in our body, by giving electrons to the FREE RADICALS. Once the Free radicals receive an electron from Active Hydrogen(H2), it becomes pure water and is discharged out of our body.