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Based on the innovative design, the production activities are linked to the application of mold technology and assembly process. We recognize that customer satisfaction is our growth and future. Also, we promise to be a partner company that focuses on securing corporate competitiveness with creativity and a challenging mindset.

Measuring Equipments Status

We have three measuring instruments, and UTM, and
we are constantly striving to produce top-quality ....

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Equipment Status

We have 22 to 1,200 tons of mass production equipment,
ranging from 1,200 tons to 1,200 tons, ...

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History & Certification

This is History & Certification

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Sales Performance

Check sales performance
by year on DODREAM.

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Mold Production Equipments Status

Equipped with high-speed machines such as high-speed
machines, COMBI, and MILLING, POSCO E&C produces the best materials...

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Main Products

Based on innovative designs, the company strives to
produce the best quality and quality of tooling ...

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Company Overview

We give you an company overview

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DODREAM products.

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